Google Search Appliance 7.6

Google Search Appliance combines the search expertise of Google with features that meet today’s business requirements—all in one box.

Finding your data has never been easier

Sorting by metadata

Sort search results by author, date, price or any other attribute. Users can quickly sift through a large amount of results to find what they need fast.
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Wildcard search

If you don’t know the exact spelling or want to search for similar terms at once, type a few letters plus a wildcard character like ? or *. GSA fills in the blanks.
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Entity recognition

Entity recognition structures content by pulling attributes like date, author or product type from documents. GSA lets you test and tweak entities to make sure they meet your needs.
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Spellcheck & synonyms

GSA automatically suggests the most common spellings for words. It also automatically expands queries to include synonyms, yielding more relevant results.
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Language translation

Translate any document you open into more than 70 languages. Search results pages are also translated into each user’s preferred language.
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Self-learning scorer

GSA adapts to user behavior, learning to deliver better results over time. Links that get more clicks automatically move up in the search ranking.
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Expert search

Help users find experts in your organization by searching on related keywords. GSA crawls SharePoint, LDAP and other profile repositories to identify authorities.
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User-added results

Users can help improve the search experience by adding search results for a specific keyword. Documents they choose will appear at the top of that keyword’s results.
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Document preview

High-fidelity previews help you decide which document to choose. It works across devices, and no external applications or browser plugins are required.
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Users get relevant suggestions as they begin entering searches, just like on You can pick from a list of common search terms rather than continuing to type.
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Dynamic navigation

Enable filtering of search results by content attributes such as author, date or location. Custom categories can be created to reflect your unique business needs.
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Content can be grouped into an unlimited number of collections. Users get more accurate results without having to sift through irrelevant documents.
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Google at work

Makes searches smarter

Enhances searches with extensive synonyms and intelligent spellcheck, just like

Speaks many languages

Works in more than 20 different tongues, from Dutch and Danish to Turkish and Thai.

Finishes your thoughts

Autocompletes queries to offer the type of helpful suggestions familiar to users.

Extreme relevance

Empowers your work force

Allows users to lend their expertise by adding handpicked results to search queries, ensuring that relevant results appear at the top for certain keywords.

Fine-tunes automatically

Analyzes user behavior and preferences to learn from experience and deliver more relevant results over time.

Improves constantly

Benefits from the technology of, which evolves continually through machine learning from billions of search queries.

Secure search

Preserves access control

Only displays results matching each user’s permissions, as determined by access control lists or exclusion rules.

Makes user authentication fast and easy

Supports security protocols like Kerberos, NTLM, LDAP, x.509 certificates and SAML 2.0, simplifying integration with identity management and single sign-on systems.

Securely centralizes information

Provides a single point of access for finding content across data sources while respecting security policies already in place.

Universal search

Finds anything anywhere

Indexes all your content, whether it lives in SharePoint, Documentum, LiveLink, FileNet, Lotus Notes, file shares, databases or elsewhere.

Handles any file format

Searches 220 different types of documents, including Office, WordPress, Lotus and PDF files.

Accessible from any device

Lets you unlock your organization’s collective knowledge from a computer, phone or tablet, with the same relevant results.

Unlimited scalability

Accommodates your content

Scales to data repositories of any size with one or more G100 (20 million documents) or G500 (100 million documents) appliances.

Keeps costs transparent

Offers simple pricing based on the number of documents you index, with no hidden costs or modules to license.

Unifies your data

Provides a consistent search experience across all your content, whether you’re at your desk or halfway around the world.


  • Trusted applications
    GSA allows trusted applications to send users’ search requests along with pre-validated IDs. Secure results are returned without additional user validation.
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  • Admin console
    Configure your GSA using its web-based admin interface.
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  • Version manager
    Get your GSA up to date with new versions using the Version Manager. It’s a great way to take advantage of the latest enhancements.
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